Meri Amber – What We Were – Review

Meri AmberThis song “What We Were” by Meri Amber immediately drew me in as I’m a sucker for slow and dramatic songs by artists, such as The Weepies. With so many over-produced songs these days it was refreshing that Meri kept things relatively simple.

Melodies and vocals are layered and balanced in a very subdued manner. With computer plugins, pedals, and ambient effects available at our fingertips, I found it somewhat refreshing that there was a huge amount of restraint here.

Meri Amber – What We Were

This is a breakup song, heavily dependent on the precision of the lyrics as they tell a story. And as someone that typically zones out on lyrics for juicy melodies, the goal was accomplished and heavily due to the mix. This is the kind of tune that automatically pours out of a songwriter during the silent monotony in the aftermath of a life changing event.

I was let down a bit as I honestly anticipated a larger more emotional push in the vocals during the pre-chorus (at around :48). Perhaps that was Meri’s way of conveying situational fatigue. Lyrically the words border on a touch vague, which can actually either help or hurt the song. It can really go both ways sometimes. It may aid a broader audience in forming a connection, or it may come off as monotonous to some. Seceding a breakup, there are times of unavoidable humdrum when you’re at the point of figuring out who exactly you are now without that other person. So perhaps this ambiguity is intentional.

Structure and length of “What We Were” was on point, though I wish the song had ended at 3:00 minutes on the dot. I’d love for listeners to be left wanting more. Again the vocal quality of Meri Amber was great, and conveyed natural sorrow and lethargy. Nothing too ‘90s or Geek Pop about this one for me personally, but I enjoyed it more and more every time I gave it a listen.

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