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Merlot EmbargoMerlot Embargo sounds like some sort of wine crisis, but it’s actually a married musical duo made up of Geoff & Scarlett Gross. They are a seemingly happy couple that looks like nothing out of the ordinary. The two are writing and performing some music though that is quite extraordinary.

I’m married to a musician myself, and I’ve played in many a band that was fronted by a married couple. Let me just say that to work with your significant other on music can either be super easy or super hard. It seems as though Geoff and Scarlet have things figured out.

Merlot Embargo

When we hooked up with them for their interview they were traveling up and down the west coast working on getting some new video footage. It’s obvious that this duo is working hard and doing what they need to get ahead. They have a solid website, a great sounding project and awesome looking videos. And apparently, Scarlett writes the songs while Geoff engineers them. It’s the perfect storm.

Every song on their latest project Don’t Look Back has a unique difference about it. My favorite song I’ve heard so far is the one we featured on Indie Music LIVE! – “How To Survive An Apocalypse.” From the initial “boom chick boom boom chick” of the intro beat, I was hooked. Something I enjoy about the music of this talented couple is the control and strength of Scarlet’s voice over unique and carefully chosen chord progressions.

Geoff does an amazing job of capturing a crystal clear production performance. When we chatted with them, he stated that he had been “working on” his studio chops. I say, he stands right up there as one of the better DIY engineers we’ve heard at IMP. I could tell by the first listen of “How To Survive” that these recordings have been given that perfect amount of TLC that’s needed to take a project from the garage to the studio on an indie musician’s budget. On a side note, Mr. Werba feels Geoff bears a resemblance to Rick Springfield, but I’d say more of a young Michael Biehn!

As you know we feature the best of the best indie musicians we come across once a week, and Merlot Embargo is just another installment and example of the amazing indie music that is out there and available at the touch of your fingertips. Please take a moment and check out the music of Merlot Embargo below or watch the video above. Thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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