Micah Sheveloff – Featured Artist

Micah SheveloffMicah Sheveloff is a pianist, singer, and songwriter originally from Boston, MA. He says his musicality began in a very disciplined setting. He was raised in a classical music household and wasn’t allowed to listen to any pop music! After a sheltered beginning, he eventually branched out and started playing in “filthy clubs and buying fatties in the combat zone” according to Micah. We caught up with him on Indie Music LIVE! and listened to his song “Favorite Son” which he says just pokes at the dichotomy of how he was raised and where he is now.

Micah Sheveloff – Featured Artist

Micah has been doing this a while now and it shows, in a good way. Dave mentioned how Micah’s production quality is top-notch. He says he’s involved heavily in all the processes of making a recording. As we mentioned before, Micah’s dad (who was a music professor) was a very strict musical mind and disciplinarian. Micah wasn’t allowed to listen to pop music but, eventually, that didn’t stop him. He used to listen to pop radio secretly and he admits most of it was crap, but occasionally something would stick out and inspire him.

Another interesting tidbit about Micah is that he was part of the early formations of the band Extreme. It sounds like a long story that we barely touched the surface of but still, INTERESTING! Micah’s sound is definitely unique but can draw comparisons to some of the greats. If you’re into Bruce Hornsby, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and the like, then make sure to check out Micah Sheveloff. Check him out on social media and tell him Indie Music Plus sent ya!

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