Michael Wayne Stapleton – Featured Artist

Michael Wayne StapletonMichael Wayne Stapleton is a musician who is finally able to commit his time and efforts to his music. You see, he started out recording and writing music in the 1980’s and had some notable success as a face in advertising as well. After selling a successful business he moved to Las Vegas, NV, to pursue a music career which is where he met a fine young lady with whom he started a family. Placing the music on hold to focus on family has been a common story throughout the IMP interviews, and surely a noble one.

Michael Wayne Stapleton – Featured Artist

Fast forward to 2018 and Michael is definitely making up for lost time which is one of many reasons why he is our featured artist this week! Michael is one of those artists that when you hear him your ears perk up regardless of what kind of music you’re into because his sound is real. Basically, Michael has been writing music for 30 years, but according to him he has “recently gotten serious about it.”

Michael says that over the years, even with kids, he has continued to write and record. Let’s just says he’s always been an artist and musician but life took its course and now is his time to shine. And, shining he is. Michael is a really great musician and from what I can tell, a great guy. What can I say? We’re Hoosier brothers. Michael says that now his music is “so much more soulful.” I wouldn’t have featured Michael on the website if I didn’t love what he is doing! Get in touch with Michael online at https://mwsmusic.com!

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