Miles Clayton – Featured Artist

Miles ClaytonMiles Clayton is a duo from Quebec, Canada. They speak mainly French but were kind enough to speak English with us for the interview. They describe their music as “Canadian indie with ambient grooves and spacious atmospheres.” They’re brothers who according to them “live very different lives.” Check out the interview below and learn more about the band.

Miles Clayton

These guys purchased a social promo campaign recently and we loved their music so much that we decided to feature them. Clayton says every time¬†they release a new album or song, the start is good but there are moments where they want to kill each other, ha! They have equal opposite personalities so they tend to balance each other out. However, at the end of releasing a new tune or album, they don’t always to want to have a brotherly love hug.

I asked the guys if they were walking down the street and had to describe their music to a passerby and Miles says he would describe their music as “a walk on the street” well kinda… Clayton says their music is more autobiographical about how they live. In the video, we play “We Used To Be” which tells a story about the brothers according to them.

Miles Clayton is different than most of the other acts we have featured on the site. There’s a reason for that. One of note that we covered in the livestream was their decision to write in 9/8 timing, which is not easy to pull off. And the casual listener may not even realize this “off” timing. To me this is even more impressive. Indie is independent and free of a specific genre. I hope you will support Miles Clayton by looking them up online and let them know you heard them here on Indie Music Plus. As always, thank you for reading and support indie music!

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