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Milk White Throat

I personally thoroughly enjoyed having Milk White Throat (MWT) on the website as our featured artist this past week. If you like progressive rock you’re going to love MWT. I am highly impressed with their songwriting abilities. The progressive rock influence comes out with subtle overtones of their love for classic rock. Even though they don’t currently have a keyboard player in their lineup, keyboards can still be heard on some tracks which adds some amazing textures. I highly recommend MWT for your listening pleasure! More info on the band below:

Milk White Throat

In their formative years, the members of MWT met playing in separate groups that gigged together regularly in the southeast, imitating their teenage heroes: bands such as Pantera and Metallica among others, until the disbandment of those acts brought the current members together. With the passing of time their individual listening tastes evolved and they developed a passion for progressive and classic rock, along with a wide variety of other genres.

Originally a six piece, including saxophone and live synth/electro-beats, changes to personnel in 2012 led the band to advance as a streamlined four piece. The remaining members began working on songs for their debut album, which was written, recorded and produced exclusively by the band in a little known basement studio situated underneath Brighton’s hedonistic St. James St. between 2013 and 2014.

The result of all this is a unique and broadly influenced sound, underpinned by a deep appreciation for genre defining artists and musicianship. Milk White Throat strive to create exciting, original music that is succinct and crucially, relevant in the live arena.

*For fans of Mastodon, The Mars Volta, Cynic, Pain of Salvation and Tool.

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