MM3 – Observational Alchemy

MM3Rock comes in many shapes and sizes. Some of it is pretty. Some of it’s not. Some of it’s from the heart and some of it’s not. MM3 band is straight from the heart. I could tell from my first listen to this album that these guys are all seasoned rock ‘n roll professionals. MM3’s latest project Observational Alchemy  is very easy on the ears. All the instruments are balances and mixed well throughout the duration of the album. Now, to the music!

This rock journey is starts off with the tune “Married To My Madness.” The band is tight and the guitars are loud. The production is full but not over produced at all. It sounds to me like this is exactly the sound the band set out to achieve, a raw rock explosion. The music of MM3 doesn’t sound dated to me but I can’t help but think “NINETIES!!” when listening…I grew up then and love the sound, I’m thinking this is a great thing! It’s time for bands like this to TAKE OVER!!!!! (again)

The guitar work by Michael Meagher is spot on and his solos always have direction and provide purpose to the tune. Tasty, lucid solos and rhythm playing permeate this record. “Society Falling” is a perfect sample of what I’m talking about. This tune has an even earlier vibe to it…with Ozzy-esque melodies and Black Sabbith-ish guitar licks this one is a highlight for me. In the tune “ROK”  I enjoyed the hard rock riff and solo in the beginning. One thing I notice throughout the recording is not only do the guitars always have amazing tone and sound great but SO DO THE DRUMS!!!

Slowing things down a bit is “Love’s Crush.” LC starts out with a guitar intro that made me intially think 3 Doors Down but then eloquently shapes into it’s own song quite nicely. Staying true to a rock ballad this is an essential track for an album such as this and the band does it justice. Towards the end of the tune it really builds into a perfectly placed bridge and does not get the slightest bit boring.

“Fish Guts” shows off the musical talents of the band in this punkish like diddy. “Big Blue” features an out of place sounding horn in the beginning that is pleasantly interrupted by the familiar guitar sound of Michael Meagher. BB has some subtle electronic elements with the filter used on the bass and the synth sound layered ever so lightly under the “got to be blue” melody.

Overall I enjoyed this album by MM3. I would recommend this album for anyone who likes straight ahead trio rock without the fat around the edges. I look forward to hearing more from this up and coming rock band! What do you think? Comment below!



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