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Modern Sons

Modern Sons is an exciting modern rock band hailing from the great BIG state of Montana. I must admit, the guys in this band were a ton of fun to hang out with. I had a blast interviewing the band on Blab! The guys were easy to talk to and were eager to talk about their new release Moon Raccoon.

The band has some exciting things happening including heading south in March to network and play at SXSW. The guys say they are excited to start expanding their tour and fan base outside of the state of Montana. Modern Sons has gone through some changes in the recent past, but with the new lineup founder Ryan Saul is excited about the future.

The Four Horsemen Of Modern Sons

Each of the four members (Ryan Saul, Casey George, Mitchell Martel, and Dan Haywood) bring their own layer to a ubiquitously sonic ambience in an attempt to cultivate something organic and new. The four have a dynamic in which they are continually pushing each other to explore new territory using a variety of technological complexities. Saul states, “It’s definitely loud rock, but it has distinguishable vocals and intricate melodies”.

One of the coolest things about Modern Sons is the atmospheric experience they create when listening to their music. Check them out on their YouTube channel to catch some live performances that are truly amazing!

As an indie music fan and founder of Indie Music Plus, I am always excited to find new up and coming acts that are making some waves. This group of fine young men are no exception. I hope you enjoy Modern Sons as much as I did. Make sure to check out the featured artist interview below to get more in depth with this excellent bunch of guys from Montana.

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