Moment Of Clarity – Featured Artist

Moment Of ClarityThe band Moment Of Clarity is an exciting alt rock group made up of a bunch of college kids. Hey, but keep reading because this group of college kids are great! We’re proud to have them as our featured artist!

In the live interview for our weekly show Indie Music LIVE!, the band all called in from 3 different locations. You know, they’re all in college. The fact that they all called in showed their dedication to their group, and you can hear it in their voices. Some acts just send one or two members, but this band all joined at the same time which was amazing.

Moment Of Clarity

The band doesn’t quite have a full length album out, but they do have 6 songs available at all the regular places – iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. This group of 5 talented young souls are worth the time! If you’re into strong female vocals over a rough and tough rock band then hit play on the Spotify player NOW! Between classes they are working on new music and are looking to have something out in the next year or so. I personally am looking forward to that. Let’s get a move on it! HA! Please watch the full interview with the band below…

I love when we come across young bands with a bright future. The sky is literally the limit for them. Right now Moment Of Clarity says they are gearing up to record and release new music, and also already have their sights set on some summer shows and mini-tours. In talking with them in the interview, it seems to me this band has somewhere to go. They simply need to write, write, write…then record, record, record…then play, play, play. Sounds simple right? Hah, not quite but it’s still very early.

I have confidence this band will make a solid run at success. If you’re on Spotify I encourage you to follow them so that when new music comes out you’ll be notified! Say what you want about Spotify, but I feel like it’s a great place right now for discovering new music. Maybe someone like Moment of Clarity? Click their links and find out. As always thanks for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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