Musicoin Merges With Indie Music Plus (IMP) To Serve Global Indie Musicians

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE + Interview Availability. Monday, May 1st, 2017.

Musicoin BlogGlobal leader on the music blockchain, Musicoin, announced it will partner with the Indie Music Plus (IMP) project, merging together to pave the way to support indie musicians worldwide.

“Musicoin and Indie Music Plus share exactly the same vision, which is to unleash the power of independent musicians. I was impressed by the achievements of IMP and the contributions they have made to musicians with creative content and data support. Looking beyond, I truly believe David Werba will keep listening to this community, and deliver the highest level of network potential to millions of musicians around the world.” – Isaac Mao, creator of Musicoin

Indie Music Plus is well known online as “The Home For Indie Musicians” to connect and support artists around the world. By adopting the latest social media technologies, IMP has created a strong user base of over 200,000 followers and service lines to keep music an integral part of our lives.

“Joe and David at Indie Music Plus have been awesome. So many “companies” out there saying they will get you plays and follows, but they (IMP) are one of the only we’ve found that engages us, creates a community and actually interacts with us. They are in it for the right reasons.” – Me And My Shadow (artist)

David Werba, along with Joe Liedtke, IMP’s co-owner and founder, will merge Musicoin’s blog with Indie Music Plus as a content service and promotion operation throughout this new venture. In addition, David will lead the overall Marketing and PR as Chief Marketing Officer of Musicoin.

“I couldn’t be more excited to move forward on this project and better consolidate my time and efforts to empower artists across the globe. Music has been the cornerstone of my life and business since I was 18 years old – first as a touring musician for 10 years, and then as a developer of two large-scale online music platforms going back to 2003. Musicoin, together with Indie Music Plus, is going to be an amazing ride into the future as we fix the deeply broken system of today.” – David Werba

With the advent of Musicoin and blockchain technology, musicians are now empowered to fully step away from the old industry paradigm of radio-based music distribution and album sales. For the first time, they can effectively control their own destiny by personally registering their music and licenses directly onto the blockchain platform, effectively receiving micropayments in the form of Musicoin crypto tokens ($MUSIC) each time a listener hits the play button.

$MUSIC is currently listed on two major cryptocurrency exchanges and can easily be converted to others including Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.

Artists, industry associates and music listeners worldwide are encouraged to visit Musicoin’s official website.

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UPDATE: The IMP/Musicoin merger has since been restructured into a less formal cross-promotion venture.

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