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Nadira NorjahanIf you’ve heard Nadira Norjahan introduce herself, then you know what I’m talking about when I say this chick is a trip! A witty, intelligent and funny person to hang out with, this singer/songwriter/poet from Philly is about to make a bigger name for herself. She quit her full-time job last year to pursue her dream of music and support her new release – Love, Pain and Redemption. The interview below will brighten up your day so please take a moment to watch!

Nadira Norjahan – She’ll Sing Her Name To You In Public!

We’ve played Nadira’s music on our show before and we have been keeping tabs on her over the past year. With a new album, this lady is doing what it takes to get her music to the masses. She’s getting new shows scheduled and is working with a full band. She gives a lot of credit to producer Sam Archer for making her songs and poems come alive. Like I said before, we played her music on a past show but recently I happened to catch a video of her and her band live and I was almost immediately contacting her.

When we first heard from Nadira, the song we played was sort of a house thing. But lately, it seems she’s turning towards the R&B side of things. If you watch the video, take notice of how she presents herself. It’s a trip! Quick wit, funny, talented…Nadira is a blast to hang out with! In the video we play her new single “Comfort” which David and I think is her best work to date. You can catch the video on Youtube and the single on her latest Love, Pain Redemption.

Nadira also joined us on the Indie Musician’s Roundtable 13 as a panelist. I’m looking forward to getting to know this diamond in the rough as she becomes a part of our community. Please, check out the music of Nadira Norjahan anywhere you find your tunes. Also, make sure to reach out to her on social. She’s way cool! Tell us what you think of Nadira and any of the other music we play on our shows using the hashtag #IndieMusicLIVE! on Twitter! As always thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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