Niamson – Featured Artist

NiamsonThis week’s featured artist is a Hip Hop master and producer from the Bronx, NY, by the name of Niamson. No, not Danielson, Niamson! Well, his name is Niam but as he explains in the video it sort of developed over time into Niamson. Watch the video to hear the story!

The first thing I noticed when speaking with Niam during the featured artist interview is that this guy is a hard worker with a positive outlook on life. He said he works a day job that makes all of his friends hate him because it keeps him so busy.

I have respect for that because he is grinding away everyday taking care of his responsibilities. He’s also finding time to release a new project produced by Dame Grease and has even produced a track for DMX. Musicians who have excuses about being “too busy” should take a look at how Niamson is running his business. They may learn a thing or two.

Niamson is excited to release his new project with the help of Dame Grease on the production end. He said it was cool but kind of weird at the same time having a producer make all the tracks for him as he’s used to doing it himself.

Niamson – IMP Featured Artist

The single that made me notice originally was “Rave On” (Posted Above) which is sampled from another band. Even though my partner David Werba was a little more critical than I was, Niamson said he really appreciated and enjoyed his comments. Check out our Indie Music Plus┬áPodcast Episode 25┬áto hear our initial thoughts on the song.

We are excited to have Niamson as our featured artist! If you’re in the Bronx, NY area make sure to look him up! If you like hip hop that doesn’t talk about all the normal hip hop stuff, then he would be a nice addition to your collection. He couldn’t talk much about his upcoming releases and projects due to behind the scenes details that need solidifying. However, he did confirm there is “stuff” coming so keep your eyes and ears peeled for this rising talent!

As always, thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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