Nick Duane – That’s What You Want – Review

Nick DuaneA songwriter who has advocated for the support of original music for decades, Nick Duane plays music that resembles classic pop-rock tracks of the 80s and 90s. A talented bassist, guitarist, and vocalist, Duane released his debut album in 1996 and has since released several other tracks and compilations. Yet having not released anything since his last single in 2015, Nick Duane’s new track, “That’s What You Want,” released June 5, has been highly anticipated and comes accompanied by a music video.

Nick Duane – That’s What You Want

“That’s What You Want” starts off with a heavy alternative rock groove that trudges along with a thumping bass line and an agitated rhythm in the drums and guitar. The production is a bit abrasive; for example, in the transition between verses and choruses, there’s a moment where the band is supposed to be in a stop time moment but it sounds like the producer literally trimmed the audio tracks abruptly to cut the sound out during those measures. But this could be intentional, because in this moment they say “Something’s wrong,” in the lyrics, in which case this effect would still be jolting yet more contextually appropriate.

The bass really shines out in this song with its arpeggios and dynamic delivery, while there’s also a fuzzed out guitar solo that dives back into an instrumental chorus, offering a breath of fresh air and change within the song. Nick Duane’s Voice has a scratchy vibrato and smoky grit. There are spot on backing vocals paralleling the lead singer’s voice with harmonies and then echoing the sentiment after the last chorus.

Just as suggested in the lyrics, the message of this song is difficult to put your finger on, but in general it sounds like the lyrics are about getting over or moving past a former relationship with someone. This could also be a political statement, suggesting the confusion that’s been thrust upon the nation by our current government has caused the person singing to become fed up with the lies and chaos and moving on from supporting that movement. Nick Duane’s new single, “That’s What You Want,” leaves the listener feeling independent, empowered, and humbled by its honesty.

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