Nick Festari – This Is Me…Slower And Faster

Nick Festari came across my desk like a firestorm in the night!  Does that sound cheesy?  I would venture to say YES but after writing many reviews I get tired of the same old “INSERTARTIST – INSERTCOMMENT” intro. Despite the cheesiness of using such a phrase as “firestorm in the night” (oops, I did it again) it actually holds some truth when referencing Nick’s music. One of my favorite things about running my company Indie Music Plus is that I get to listen to music, both good and bad, that I would have otherwise never heard!  Enter Nick Festari…

This Is Me…Slower And Faster

Showing off powerful and mature songwriting Nick Festari has the potential to be heard by a huge global audience.  In fact, he has already garnered a large following in the Euro dance scene in Japan having his songs sung in local Karaoke bars. One of the coolest aspects of this project is that Nick wrote and performed every song on his new EP himself.   As a professional artist myself I have always wanted to do exactly that but probably will never be able to do so.  I have huge respect for musicians that can perform on a recording as one musician and as a band all in one.  Nick does it justice too.

The songwriting is stellar and the arranging is not your typical “verse, chorus, verse” form you always hear.  There is some structure to these tunes! On first listen the Euro dance influence sticks out like a priest in a strip club.  There I go again…lol.  Seriously though Nick’s style truly stands out!!  “You Wanna Make Me Fly (I Know You Belong To A Dream)” starts of the EP with a bang.  This song is strong on the dance feel and mixes in tasty melodies with a rock drum beat and even a piano breakdown.  Very tasty!!

“Wings Of An Angel” is a pop masterpiece hands down.  This song is simply a hit, enough said.   Stop what you are doing and listen to it right now.  Go one, click on the soundcloud box below…I’ll wait… I think my favorite song on this EP is “The Song I Wrote For You.”  Remember that whole Euro dance thing I mentioned earlier?  Yea, here we go!  I absolutely love the ambulance siren that is used as a hook to transition between sections.  Brilliant!  I think we have another hit here! Piano intros rock, especially the one in “Don’t Throw The Dice.”  Wanna know the best part about this song?  Not only do the chord progressions sound amazing and give me feeling of flight but the song kicks into a rock anthem that is absolutely genius!  The build up in this song is worth the wait.  Check it out and give it a mindful listen and you’ll hear what I’m talking about.

I find Nick’s vocal delivery interesting.  Sometimes I can’t tell he is European in his diction at all while at others it is a bit overwhelming.  His melodies and harmonies are spot on every time and you won’t hear any pitch problems commonly found on other indie projects.  This guy is the real deal. The engineering overall on this EP is very good but I think it could possibly use a better master. It seems to me with all that production going on the soundscape should be wider. Note: I’m not listening to this on super duper expensive monitors or anything in fancy studio LOL 🙂

Nick Festari’s new EP “This is me…Slower and faster” will be a pleasant addition to your music collection if you give it a chance.  Give Nick a follow on social media and let him know that you support him and his music!   Let him know you saw his music here on Indie Music Plus first!!


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