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Ninth Floor Mannequin

Ninth Floor Mannequin has a backstory. It’s not like your normal backstory. You see, Jarrod (9FM) has an extremely unique story. However, the way he tells it makes it sounds like “yea, you know I was running one day and got hit by a drunk driver. I don’t remember much about it, but right after I awoke from a coma I released an EP.” It didn’t go exactly like that, but still…if something like that happened to me I don’t know if I could be so nonchalant about the whole thing! I admire Jarrod for being able to put such a major life event behind him and continue with…the music.

When I first discovered 9FM I mistakenly called him by the wrong name on a podcast. His music is so recognizable however that when I was reviewing submissions I remembered it immediately having only heard the song “The Company” a few times previously. Amazing stuff. It’s even more amazing when you discover some of the stories behind the music.

Ninth Floor Mannequin – Jarrod Pedone

Jarrod was in a coma for 11 days or so after being hit by a drunk driver while running. As you can imagine that has led to some setbacks but it hasn’t stopped him from continually expressing himself through his music. Not only does Jarrod have a unique story of his own he also writes amazing songs with amazing stories that don’t have anything to do with him or his life.

“The Company” for example is a song about a family named The Benders who were serial killers…killing settlers heading west in the 1800’s.  Even the name Ninth Floor Mannequin was penned after watching a uniquely bizarre episode of The Twilight Zone. I love Jarrod’s perspective when it comes to his writing. After talking to him, his music sounded a little different to me. I guess the insight into his life made me take a second look…or listen.

Take a peek into the life of Jarrod Pedone aka Ninth Floor Mannequin and give his music the support it deserves. As always…SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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