Odds Lane – Lost & Found – Review

Odds Lane - Lost & FoundWhenever I write about Odds Lane, I preface by saying I used to be in the band back in the glory days. However, the duo Doug Byrkit and Brian Zeile have been playing together long before and now long after I ever had anything to do with them. They’ve been playing together for 30+ years and are prime examples of what a long partnership in music can create. In my opinion Lost & Found is by far their best work EVER.

Odds Lane – Lost & Found

The band’s bio describes their music as a “uniquely blended mix of driving blues-rock riffs and solid grooves with an overall pop sensibility.” I’ve always deeply respected this duo for their musicianship, however I never thought they had attained their “true sound.” They have wide-ranging influences between the two of them and it always seemed to me that they hadn’t honed in on their optimal niche. Well, they’ve found it. It all started long ago…

Seriously, it did…like the ’80s dude. The key to this project I believe was they were able to work with a real studio, record label, and competent engineers. Doug has always been the one making recordings in his basement and well, to be honest, never having great gear. I’m not a gear head but it is necessary sometimes, and definitely in the case of what Doug was trying to pull off. All good music don’t get me wrong, but lacking in the sonic quality overall. Anyone who does basement demos gets it.

Brian and Doug have always been rockers. I was in a kick ass ’80s band that played for a few years and it was probably the most fun I’ve ever had in a cover band. I must admit though that I was somewhat surprised by the blues direction they have taken on this album. Don’t’ get me wrong, I dig it! The first track “Don’t Give It Away” is a very raw blues-rock tune that even flaunts with current raw alternative rock sounds as well. “Seven States” slides in at second with a severely catchy hook and shuffle.

Both Blues and Pop fans will enjoy “Ain’t Missin’ You.” The verse is a classic 6/8 blues groove complimented with a more pop oriented chorus that hits on the major key. One thing to mention that is present throughout this project is the abundance of great guitar solos! This song has one of those and it’s splendid. Doug has won songwriter awards for years and this is a prime example of one of his best. I think the title track “Lost & Found” is and should definitely be their single. It’s bluesy, poppy and has a pinch of country too so the radio would eat it up if given a chance.

Songs that stand out to me overall are “Moth To A Flame”, “Hard Rain” and “What’s Your Name.” These songs showcase the true musicianship of the guys to be much more than just a blues rock band. If you ever have a chance to see these guys live I highly recommend it. Out of all the musicians I’ve played with thru my career, these guys are at the top. Please, check out and support their latest effort Lost & Found available EVERYWHERE.

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