Paper Nautilus – Album Review

Paper NautilusWho knows what a Paper Nautilus is? Yeah, I didn’t either until I came across this band and was forced to look it up. Cool band name but I ran across a problem. When I look up the name, all I see is stuff about octopuses…but aside from that the music rocks. The band says their sound is┬ácreated by “drawing inspiration from our love of nature as well as indie, alternative, and progressive rock influences”.
Paper Nautilus is a Long Island, New York, rock band formed in the summer of 2015. On their Bandcamp page they identify themselves as alternative experimental long island post-hardcore. When I first listened to the 4 song project Aboveboard I got excited. You see I love it when I discover new and rising talents.

Paper Nautilus – Aboveboard

This band has a guitar driven sound that any alt rocker can get behind. “Pacific Street” starts out their new EP with a high energy rock sound that grabbed me instantly. The song doesn’t stay at that intensity the entire time though. Later on in the tune, it calms down a bit and the guitar hook takes on an almost banjo sound underneath the droning guitar solo. Interesting stuff here.

“Gold Coast” continues the post-hardcore onslaught on the ear drums. This track gives plenty of open space in the beginning allowing the “alt” rock guitar solo to set up the vocals. This song is intense and delivers! This is probably my favorite track on the EP and I believe it would connect with a broader audience. This tune deserves some major airplay since it has such major mass appeal.

I guess “Montauk” could be considered one of the bands more mature efforts. Ballad in nature, this song is longer and more intricate than the others. “Montauk” sets itself apart from the other tunes on the EP in that it has more than 2 basic parts to the song. Like I said before, this song is definitely more intricate and well thought out. It runs around 7 minutes in length and with most other songs I would have skipped around a bit. Not with this one. I listened to it straight through multiple time while writing this review.

“Orient” is an alt rockers dream complete with spazzed out guitar lines and group style background vocals. The band allows itself to jam on this one and it’s a fun listen. I could personally do without about a minute and a half of the song. By saying that I mean I believe the song would resonate with more people if it were a touch shorter. The alt rock guitar sounds/solos are cool but I think they may be a better fit as an extra for the live audience concert goer.

Overall Paper Nautilus has a strong project here. I can’t wait for their next album. Hopefully, there will be more than 4 tunes! To support the band please visit their Bandcamp┬ápage. As always thank you so much for visiting our site and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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