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Paper Nautilus Featured ArtistPaper Nautilus is an experimental indie rock band from Long Island, New York. Heavily influenced by other big name Long Island acts (Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, The Sleeping), Paper Nautilus combines heavy guitar riffs with emotional and ethereal passages inspired by the unique nature that surrounds the island. We had a chance to interview the band on our show Indie Music LIVE! recently and the guys certainly back up their amazing music with some great personalities.

Paper Nautilus

The band doesn’t play major tours (yet) and is still growing their fan base, but we don’t care about numbers. We pick artists on the merits of their music. If you like edgy rock on the heavy side then these guys will require a listen or two.

When speaking about the name of the band, the guys say they draw heavy influence from the ocean and the life in it being they have grown up and live so close to it. Musically, their personal influences vary quite a bit…although there’s a Dave Grohl/post-grunge theme. And as David said in the Deeper W/ Dave segment, “you mash them all together and you get Paper Nautilus.”

The band says they all have input into how the band sounds as they are self-produced much like many other indie bands. Their goals, for now, are to start producing a full length album working in different houses around Long Island, NY, to get some real and interesting reverbs and rich, different sounds.

While the band is working towards the full length, they are looking to start touring more locally and even regionally hitting a few festivals along the way. They say they want to start mapping out the full length album starting around August and hope to put out around 18 tunes. I’m excited about the band. They’re not rushing things but they’re not sitting on their asses either. Check ’em out and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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