Patrick Ames – Affettuosos – Review

Patrick Ames - AffettuososAffettuosos: tender or affecting used as a direction in music. Welcome to the new EP by Patrick Ames. If you’ve been around the Indie Music Plus block the past few years then you’ve enjoyed watching the progression of this relatively new musician. He has finally started his career after retiring! If you want to check out previous write ups and learn more about Patrick please enter his name into the search box on our website.

Patrick Ames – Affettuosos

Over the past few years, we’ve been lucky to get to know the man behind the music. Well, he’s back (again) with another EP entitled Affettuosos. In fact we recently had him on as a panel guest on Indie Music LIVE! 128 where he performed one of his new singles “Yellow Pill” live on air. (Hit Play, it starts right at Patrick’s performance).

The single is obviously related to the opioid epidemic of recent times. I can’t help but be reminded of the “Dr Pepper” theme song when the female vocalist sings “Doctor Doctor” but hey, it’s catchy, right? It doesn’t sound EXACTLY like it but listen and let me know what you think.

Yellow Pill came along midway through the project. The lead track of the EP is a one-chord dopamine stimulator, and I keep it there, in fact, I force it to stay there because of the subject matter. There are really no lyrics per se, it’s mumbled and impromptu. Opioids are bad news”…states Patrick.

“Yellow Pill” is definitely a unique experience. I appreciate Patrick’s socially conscious approach to his lyricism, but as a listener you don’t necessarily need to think about politics or issues and can simply enjoy the music. I’m sure I’ve said something similar to this before and I’ll reiterate: I wish Patrick Ames would have been making music his entire life. As you may know, he sort of took an extended break from music to have a career and a life and stuff.

Patrick Ames has a unique style that can be related to such artists as Bob Dylan (to the obvious ear!), but he also has a classic melodic sound that even such artists can’t achieve. Simplistic songwriting makes more room for the messages. “My Ad To You” is not really in my lane although I appreciate it. Sometimes Patrick’s vocals are a little out there for me but again, I appreciate the art. Sometimes there is some conflict with the female vocalists. Again, I love the melodies and music-scape however sometimes the vocals get a touch shaky in both tone and sibilance. Now, this may or may not be on purpose, but sometimes it can raise a brow for audiophiles.

Probably my favorite tune on the EP is “Oh Penelope.” Wow, this is a great and catchy tune that I’ve been singing for days now. This is a great example of how the vocals can sound really great together even with the blemishes. Of course, Patrick isn’t trying to get on pop radio and that’s just another reason I love and respect his music. I’m sure that fans of all ages of poetic rock will love Patrick’s sound…AND I wouldn’t be surprised if Patrick ended up being a songwriter for other artists to record/perform. Regarding his approach to his music, Patrick says “You have to have a determined stance to be an independent artist, to paint what you see, play what you hear, and don’t cater to the dollar…that sort of thing. That’s why the tattooed hand on the EP cover has six digits… those are mighty big tasks to accomplish.”

I’m curious to know what YOU think about Patrick’s music. Get in touch with me and also Patrick to let him know you heard his music here first on Indie Music Plus. As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres!

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