Patrick Ames – Featured Artist

Patrick Ames - Featured ArtistIf you have browsed through our wonderful website in the past, you have likely seen the name Patrick Ames. Patrick is a prolific writer who has recently jumped back into the music biz. When I say jump, I mean head first! Let me explain…

Patrick’s story goes something like this: start playing guitar and writing as a young man, then drop it for “real life” as an IT/tech guy in Silicon Valley for well over 30 years. Hey, it happens, you know…life. The thing is, Patrick never gave up or stopped pursuing his dream as an indie musician singer/songwriter. He just delayed it a few years. Well now he’s back in and he’s quickly making a name for himself.

Patrick Ames

You can compare Ames’ music to Bob Dylan, Tom Petty or whoever, but I hear him as a unique indie artist that is being overlooked by the masses. He’s doing all the right things, NOW! He’s writing, releasing new music and gigging to support that music, including promoting it online. You can be assured that he is going to keep releasing new music so keep your eyes and ears peeled. Standard Candles is Patrick’s new release and you can read the past review on it here. The music of Mr. Ames has come a long way since we first discovered him. In fact, he’s surely one of the most played artist on our weekly show Indie Music LIVE!

We had the pleasure of having Patrick on the show for his live featured interview, and he even performed a short portion of one of his songs. If you’re in the Silicon Valley make sure you look this guy up and go see him play, he is the real deal. Like I said before, Patrick’s songs keep getting better. The drum patches in his music have greatly improved, but as Patrick stated in the video above his primary focus is just getting a nice recording of all the new songs that keep filling up his brain…and David and I surely respect that! I’d even go further to say that he is truly defining his own grassroots, alt folk rock genre focused on great songs driven by feeling and acting on the emotions in his music.

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