Patrick Ames – Four Faces – Review

Four Faces - Patrick AmesIf you’re an Indie Music PLUS regular, then you’ve heard the name Patrick Ames. Well, he’s back again with a new EP titled Four Faces. This guy seriously never stops. I’m not complaining about it and I’m actually getting more and more excited with every release.

Patrick’s engineering skills are getting better and better, but that’s not the only thing that’s improving. His songs grow from each to the next to create a cohesive musical stream from this awesome guy who just recently started putting out music again. After working in Silicon Valley for many years, Patrick decided to start making music again as he neared retirement. Music was never a stranger to him, but it definitely took a backseat to his life and career.

We’ve had Patrick’s music on our show Indie Music LIVE! numerous times and even featured him once. He’s a super nice guy and easy to connect with him on social media, and I highly encourage you to do so. The influence of Bob Dylan on his music is irrefutable, but his funky side reminds me more of a male Ani DiFranco or similar.

Patrick Ames – Four Faces

“This Small Town” is ready for the radio in my opinion. Catchy, poppy, groovy, and an all around fun tune to listen to. Anyone who is into straightforward acoustic folk-rock thenĀ give this EP a listen. Again, as Patrick keeps cranking out new tunes his skills are getting better. I remember in previous projects I struggled to hear the instrumentation clearly sometimes, but I can tell he has put a ton of practice into this production. On “The Meaning Of Life” these skills are self evident. Listen in the background, do you hear the female vocalists? They add the perfect ambience over the music not only on the “aaahhhs” but also in the one-word harmonies sparsely sprinkled throughout the verses.

Patrick isn’t only growing as an engineer and a musician but also a solo artist. Songs like “The Lonely Lie So Easily” is a simple dark tune that sports a piano, sax and a simple pulsing drum beat that carries though the whole tune. The eerie part for me is when all the vocalists utter the song title in a long low voice. Interesting tune!

This very short 4-song EP ends with “Reawakened” which revisits the rock/funk groove that Patrick is so good at creating. He takes more advantage of the female vocalist in this one as well. This tune also goes back making a few political statements which I have become used to hearing from Mr. Ames. I really like the rock groove on this tune, it is titled appropriately as it makes me feel “ReAwakened!”

Kudos to Patrick Ames for making his dream a reality with projects like Four Faces. He is living proof that it’s never too late to pursue your musical aspirations. He did it, why can’t you? I encourage you to give this EP a solid and attentive listen. When you’re done catch up with Mr. Ames and let him know you found his EP here first. Thank you for reading and supporting Indie Music!

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