Patrick Ames – Hold On – Single Review

Patrick Ames - The Free Will

Patrick Ames has visited our site before. He just keeps coming out with new music! Patrick Ames writes and performs music with a social conscience. The singer-songwriter explores life and country in suites of new songs that accent the lyrics as much as his percussive style of guitar work. He tries to play weekly in the San Francisco Bay Area, typically at smaller venues where he can interact with the audience.

The Free Will will be released at the end of Feb 2016 so we’re excited to preview this new album and also to let you know about it. The single “Hold Me” sticks out the most to me. Patrick Ames is as indie as they come. He uses a single usb input and some simple music software to craft his pieces and he’s getting better at it!

His production and songwriting style is simple, almost sloppy, but in an artistic manner. Patrick Ames could easily be dubbed a Bob Dylan wannabe but there is much more to him than that. Patrick has great songs all on his own. I mentioned earlier he’s getting better at his “production” and it shows in the song “Hold Me.”

I think “Hold Me” has the potential to be a college radio hit. The beat holds the song together enough that it’s easy on the ears and the melodies and simple guitars carry the rest of the tune. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: One of the things I admire about Patrick Ames is his simplistic approach. He hasn’t been in the music industry his entire life trying to “make it.” In fact, he was in computers.

In his own words,“Now I understand why it took so long to get to this point – The Free Will represents the unlikely yet timely ability to write and play original songs, with the sophistication of the portable digital recording studio and the ability to record it. Now I can write and record anything I want.” Ames’ studio: a laptop with software, a professional USB microphone, and a direct input into one of his acoustic guitars. That’s it. The final sound is amazingly authentic and he has created a band complete with individual voices and musical personalities.”

Keep your ears peeled for the new release from Patrick Ames – The Free Will  coming soon to a music service near you!

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