Patrick Ames – Mutually – Review

Patrick Ames - Mutually

Patrick AmesMutually. A simple name for a simple album. Simple is not always a bad thing tho…in fact in this case it’s what makes the music. In the days of edm, autotune and Justin Bieber it’s hard to find music that soothes the soul such as this playing on the radio.

Similar to the sounds of Bob Dylan, Patrick Ames keeps the listener interested with simple melodies and lyrics coupled with sloppy rock beats and an acoustic guitar. Perfect for a lazy summer evening drinkin’ beers with good friends next to a lake kinda music.

It’s amazing how much music can come out of such simplicity. To me, that can be one sign of a great songwriter and Patrick Ames fits that persona perfectly.

“Do You Think That You Love Me” starts out the EP with a simple rock beat and a catchy chorus that I personally have been singing for days and days…seriously. The tune goes a little long for my personal tastes and I don’t quite understand the off rhythm sequenced drums in some spots…but hey art is art, right? Overall, a great tune that could easily do something if promoted correctly!

“One Of Your Traps” has an entrancing pink floyd-esque aftertaste to it…this song is trippy! The song starts simple enough but as it grows a slight guitar delay mixed with an organ takes hold in the background and boy is it sweet. This song is particularly sweet in the way the Patrick delivers the vocal.

Patrick Ames

This guy has a great style that I really enjoy. He may be a 60 year old man but his sound has that “new vintage” sound that the kids are gonna love! Seriously, this is great songwriting!!

“America Needs” is just a man and his guitar, just like it should be. The title track “Mutually” is the best crossover song in my opinion. This tune shows that Patrick can also bring it up in tempo a bit…plus it souds like a full band is joining him! Then…almost out of nowhere interesting layers take over in a bridge…very “hipster” like if you ask me…again his sound appeals to all ages.

“You’ll Have To Wait A Little Longer” starts off with a jam that’s pretty cool…doesn’t really go anywhere but it’s a cool intro. The song itself is a bit of a jaunt from the other tunes. Psychedelic rock would be the best way to describe the finale.  Maybe not rock…psychedelic folk?  Either way this journey into music is a captivating one. I suggest a few listens if you have a hard time adjusting to the contrast this song brings to the record.

In conclusion, psychedelic class folk/rock lovers check out this new project from Patrick Ames!! This is a project that the indie music community should get behind and support. Remember, we promote and enjoy all genres of music here at Indie Music Plus. We believe everyone that has quality indie music deserves to be heard. Patrick Ames is no exception. You can tell by listening to his music that he truly puts his heart and soul into what he is doing. I encourage you to download the new EP from Patrick Ames, “Mutually” by clicking on the iTunes link below.  SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC OF ALL GENRES!

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