Patrick Ames – Standard Candles

Patrick Ames - Standard CandlesPatrick Ames is no stranger to the IMP website. We’ve reviewed him and helped him promote a song or two on our podcast. You see, Patrick started doing what he’s doing musically a little late in life. But as you can also see, he’s making up for lost time…big time.

If I had to put a quick label on Patrick’s music I would call it “Funky Aged Americana.” I think I just made up a new genre! Patrick himself may be on the aged side, but his music is growing and flourishing like a new artist that has just discovered himself.

I don’t know if Patrick’s budget is getting bigger but his recordings are definitely getting better. When I first started listening to Patrick I could totally hear his vision. Although some of the production was pretty loose the songs were good.

Patrick Ames – Standard Candles

Standard Candles is no exception. In fact, I think this is best release yet. I found myself making a strange comparison…some of his stuff sounds a little like Sheryl Crow. Am I crazy? I mainly hear that influence in some of his guitar licks, especially in the beginning of “What Comes Out Of Your Mouth.” It’s brief and underlying, but it’s there.

I am loving the funky flavors that Patrick is sprinkling throughout Standard Candles. Also, the ladies he has singing with him this time around add a sleek and sexy vibe to the tunes. By the way things are going, it seems that Patrick will be releasing new music for many years to come.

“You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore” is another one of my favorite tracks on the new release. Laid back and funky with heavy classic rock influences…I think Patrick Ames and Paul Golian should seriously consider doing a track together!

Patrick Ames is living proof that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams, your hobbies…YOUR PASSIONS! It’s been exciting to watch Patrick’s music transform over the past year into what is now Standard Candles… As always, thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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