Phillip Foxley – Featured Artist

Phillip Foxley

Phillip Foxley is one of those artists that takes time to grow…like 25 years! Phillip started out playing guitar in the ’70s. Work picked up for him fast as he quickly started playing live, in the studio and so forth.  After a few years of being a “guitarist” Phillip’s interests took him elsewhere. In fact, he left the music biz all together for 25 years!

It was only a short 4 years ago Phillip Foxley took up the guitar again and started writing music. He submitted some songs to a contest and found some success so he continued. These days Phillip is busy writing a variety of styles for music collaboration with a multitude of talented people all over the world! In the featured artist interview Mr. Foxley explains a bit about himself and how he’s just a normal medical instrument engineer that is now taking over the world with his music.  You know, regular every day stuff 😛

I love seeing indie musicians either take up music or come back to music at a later age.  It just proves that music is universal in every sense of the word. As Phillip states in the video below, “music was still there” after 25 years.  I’m sure he picked up the guitar here and there over that time but there is a difference between playing and PLAYING.  I’m glad to see that Phillip has taken back to his old axe.

Mr. Phillip Foxley was a pleasure to talk to in our interview. He sounds extremely intelligent and it seems he is enjoying this round around the musical chairs so to speak. I always love finding indie artists deep underground and Phillip Foxley is no exception.  I hope you take 20 mins or so and check out the video below and learn more about this great guitar player.

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