Phoebe Silva – Strong Enough – Review

Phoebe SilvaBest known as #fiddlechick, Phoebe Silva has a background in classical music and a deeply rooted love for contemporary folk, retro pop, and jazz standards. A singer and multi-instrumentalist, Silva spent years touring the country in various bluegrass and indie-Americana groups, and even worked as an actress on and off-Broadway on the east coast, before being inspired to write her own music after touring a national park in Alaska in the summer of 2013. Playing the violin, ukulele, and mandolin, Phoebe Silva is both a one-woman show and a collaborative music-maker, playing frequently with friends in the LA music scene.

Phoebe Silva – Strong Enough

This multi-talented singer-songwriter recently released her sophomore single, “Strong Enough,” and it is a modern Vaudeville-pop sensation. The song features the talent of guitarist Tito Woods, guitarist Tim Aslin, keyboardist Priscilla Perry, organist Brenda Carsey, bassist Jimi Blaze, drummer Akinfemi Akinwale, and Gilbert Louie Ray on harmonica. Produced and engineered by Max Silver, “Strong Enough” begins as a slow honky-tonk with vulnerable fragments of piano keys at the very beginning, before the electric guitars kick things off into a rock-steady country groove.

Phoebe Silva is a sultry diva with a feisty attitude and powerhouse vocal stamina. You can tell she’s been trained in musical theatre by the leonine volume of her vibrato and the passionate expression in her delivery. Her lyrics are full of desire and are belted out with a gospel-like grit that bites the listener’s ear as her voice opens up into its higher register, while Silva crushes hearts with her feminine confidence and persona.

The song is ultimately about how she can handle any man…but this one, in particular, is not strong enough for her. This bold statement is equally translated with the dynamic of the backing instruments, being lusty piano rock with explosive drum crashes and thumping bass lines. A bright blend of soul, blues, retro-pop, rock, and country, “Strong Enough” dives into the beginning with scratchy electric guitar, and then rings out to the end in a frenzy until the band cuts out and the listener is left with a languidly glistening piano melody. Phoebe Silva’s new single, “Strong Enough,” demonstrates her inner and outer strength as a woman and as an ever-expanding musical entity.

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