Quincy Valentine – Featured Artist

Quincy ValentineOur featured artist this week is Quincy Valentine, an artist from The Bronx, NY. He raps, produces, plays keys, and “sings a little bit”. He primarily produced and supported other artists in his career and in 2020 decided to step forward and be his own artist. As a seasoned musician that has put out some of my own music, I can relate to where Quincy is coming from. I’ve always wanted to just “do music” for a living and most of that time was spent in a supporting role to a band or artist. It feels great to step out and do your own thing every once in a while! Go Quincy!

Quincy Valentine – Featured Artist

Quincy has many talents as I mentioned before, but he says producing is his favorite. He says “I got really comfortable just being behind the scenes” which is why it took him so long to get to the artistry part. He says even though he focused on the production aspect of music, he’s been rapping and performing since he was 8. He says the performance side was relatively easy to ignore for a bit since he was receiving such satisfaction from producing.

His single “Like you Do” was originally actually written for another artist. It’s an old skool smooth sound. Dave compared his sound to Fresh Prince a little bit and Quincy said he gets that a lot…but the way he raps is just him. He says he just decided to own the fact that he sounds old skool. After all he grew up in the ’90s! That flavor definitely comes out! Make sure to put Quincy on your hot list and keep tabs on him the next couple of years! I know we will be!

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