Rachel Gleddie – Featured Artist

Rachel GleddieRachel Gleddie is from Alberta, CA and admittedly new to the music business world. She has recently finished up recording her debut EP which was released in September 2020. Her first single off the EP is “Shallow” and in her intro of herself she said the song is about focusing on relationships that build you up while forgetting about the ones that bring you down.

Rachel Gleddie – Featured Artist

Rachel’s sound is a perfect blend of pop and country. One of David’s first comments in his interview with her on Indie Music LIVE! is how strong and unique her vocals are. Of course, any artist isn’t going to necessarily complain about commercial success, but Rachel’s viewpoint is that just completing a project and having it move someone is success enough. Her focus is to be genuine and connect with her audience. It’s important to her that her fans walk away with something.

As far as influences go Rachel, says she grew up listening to a mish-mash of genres and can sort of blend them all up into her own music. Vocally she admits she doesn’t necessarily sound like a country singer. I think that since she is just starting out, she has some exploring and growing to do as an artist but she definitely has had a strong start! Hopefully, as the pandemic recedes she will be able to get out more and do some live performances and maybe some auditions.

I’m excited to see where Rachel goes in her career. It’s unfortunate that her career started right before the pandemic! If you’re into the country/pop thing then make sure you check out Rachel Gleddie! Make sure to tell her Indie Music Plus sent you!

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