Radio Drive – Humanity

Kevin Gullickson Radio Drive 2015

Kevin Gullickson is making a name for himself as “Radio Drive” and I’m going to tell you about his music.  Let me first say if you are a fan of alt rock with a hint of the classic vibe of the ’60s and ’70s you have stumble across the right review!! Keep reading!!! Kevin is one of those guys that really takes his music serious. You can tell by simply visiting his website and discovering his discography!

His single “Humanity” just had some fresh air breathed into it when in late June of 2015 world-renowned producer, Stuart Epps, heard “Humanity” on a music community and it caught his attention. Over the years Stuart has worked with some of the most influential musicians in rock history, including George Harrison, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Elton John, Bad Company, Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones, and more. “Humanity” has a positive message about all living together as a human race. A simple pop form makes this song easy to listen to and will definitely receive HUGE amounts of radioplay in the near future as an international radio campaign is underway. So spread some positive vibes all over your local community and call into your local radio station and ask for “Humanity” by Kevin Gullickson RIGHT NOW!!!

Kevin’s song “A Taste Of Heaven” is a pop radio hit just waiting to happen. This song I thoroughly enjoyed!! More specifically I enjoyed the Euro-pop soundscape produced by the verbed out guitars, wide mix of the music overall and general “openness” sound of the recording.  The “Whoa” melodies throughout this tune add nice ambiance between lyrics.  The background vocals on this song really add to the tune in my opinion!

Another noteworthy track on the latest release from Radio Drive entitled I Can See The World From Here is the song “Footsteps.” This tune brings the energy down a bit. “You’ll hear the sound of my footsteps, and know that I am there. You’ll hear the sound of my footsteps and know that I still care.” Those are some amazing uplifting lyrics that everyone needs to hear every once in a while even if only in song. This song has a sad vibe but if the lyrics are listened to closely one can also gain comfort from this well crafted tune.

Probably my favorite and coolest song on the record is “Borders.” Not only does it have one of the coolest lyrics videos I’ve seen in a while but it just has a really night classic rock vibe to it that I really enjoy. Some of the guitar tones and the way the groove is constructed reminds me of something similar to a Tom Petty tune.

I am excited to add Kevin Gullickson’s music as “Radio Drive” in our reviews collection!  I highly recommend fans of guitar rock both new and old to check out the latest project “I Can See The World From Here” by Radio Drive. Please let us know what you think by commenting below and look for Kevin’s song “Humanity” to be featured on our upcoming podcast.

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