Rainy Day Crush – Bonfires

Rainy Day Crush - BonfiresRainy Day Crush. What else can I say other than I absolutely love this band. Many of the bands we review, promote or have had contact with over the past 4+ years of business have faded away. That is the sad truth of the indie music business. However, there are bands that stand the test of time and this is one of them, so pay attention. We have written about Rainy Day Crush over the years here, here and here. They have released a new animated video for their song “Bonfires” so let’s dig into it…

Rainy Day Crush – Bonfires

First off, the song “Bonfires” is amazing. This trio powerhouse writes some amazing tunes and this is one of them. Their videos are generally cool but this time it’s animated with a sort of clay-mation style. I guess it somehow relates to bonfires. Perhaps if you’ve ever been giddy over a girl (or boy) in the summer then you’ll get it. Musician, fine artist, and budding actor Matt Specht and his cohorts really came to together nicely on this one.

It’s almost like RDC pulled a Tool. Have you ever seen a video by the band Tool? If you have, you’ll get it. The production and composition of the song “Bonfires” actually brought me back to the 80s/90s, similar to the occasional slow and melodic excursions by a few metal/hard rock bands. I’m thinking “Silent Lucidity” by Queensryche, and moreover Metallica as Specht surely emulates the vocal style of James Hetfield. Do you hear it?

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