Rainy Day Crush – Calamity

Rainy Day CrushRainy Day Crush is a band that has been around for a while…quite a while in fact.  A quick look into their back story reveals a band that has been through the ringer and back.

When Rainy Day Crush released their debut album Free to Go it gained momentum, earning them awards like the WAMI for Best Rock Group and Best Female Vocalist in 2002, and a great spot at Milwaukee’s Summerfest.  They signed with a “mom ‘n’ pop” label out of Minneapolis in 2003, and hit the road touring.

The band broke up within a year or two, though, and the members spent several years pursuing other interests. After a well-attended reunion show in Racine, Matt Specht (piano/guitar) and Betsy Ade (lead vocals) decided to put the band back together. Not all the original members could be a part of it, so they brought singing drummer Mike Wynn, Jr., and bassist Derek Schattl on board. Their sophomore five-song EP will be released in January of 2016.

I for one am extremely happy this band has reunited.  I had never heard of them before now, but now I’m a HUGE FAN!!!  The vocals of Betsy Ade are always clear and free floating effortlessly over many amazing moments in the music of this excellent indie band out of Milwaukee.

“My Own” is a perfect example of Betsy’s vocals complimenting the bed of atmospheric piano, bass and guitars.  If you’re the type of listener that listens to more than just the music the lyrics are meaningful as well:

I’m broken; I’m empty
I feel like I’m good for nothing
forsaken; unforgiven
I’ve missed every single chance that I’ve been given
so I cry when I’m alone
my pain is my own

Solid songwriting and sonically pleasing instrumentation always makes for excellent music.  “My Own” has a very unique sound.  Musically it seems to pedal on one chord but that’s the beauty of it as well.  To a trained ear the musicality of this song is stellar.  On songs like this one it seems that this band never lost it’s chemistry.

In “Sticky” I can’t help but think – Neo-Swing.  The tune doesn’t have any Big Bad Voodoo Daddy-esque horns but the overall feel of the song with the piano and the gang vocals give it that swing hall feel.  Me likey.  In my opinion this tune rounds out their overall sound.  The focus of the band’s music is never lost on their little genre jaunts within each song.

Rainy Day Crush’s style is hard to pinpoint into 2 or 3 words. My best try would be “Catchy Indie Pop.” They coin themselves as “Too catchy to be ‘indie,’ too honest to be ‘pop.'” I’d say this is about right except I personally believe that “indie” is an attitude and not a genre. In my opinion Rainy Day Crush defines the terms “Indie” and “Pop” perfectly.

“Have It All” is another notable track off the band’s upcoming EP Calamity, sporting more of a country flare this song stands on its own but fits in to the rest of the EP just poifect!  Sporting a beat that will make you want to move and a southern style hillbilly flare this song is bound to be a hit.  I must say, the band’s songwriting abilities are second to none.  To be completely honest I haven’t heard a song I don’t like!!

Rainy Day Crush is a band for the indie fan.  That’s you.  I highly encourage you to take a deeper listen to the band’s music on Bandcamp and support them by purchasing their music.

Click any one of the bandcamp links in the article to find out more about this band and download their past projects.

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