Rainy Day Crush – I’m Still Alive – Review

Rainy Day Crush - I'm Still AliveRainy Day Crush has returned! You may have heard of this band before if you’ve been following the IMP network for a while. We did a review of them over two years ago which you can find here. 

Rainy Day Crush – I’m Still Alive

Disclaimer: This review is going to be a schmooze fest. This band is so good I just can’t get over it. Well, the band that is located “from somewhere south of Milwaukee and north of Chicago” according to them, has been around since the ’90s!! They’ve been through major changes since then which also involved an extended hiatus from playing. They’ve come out with a new EP called I’m Still Alive and I’m going to tell you my thoughts. Put your helmet on, these guys are killer!

I’ve always enjoyed this band’s music. They’re very pop-oriented and claim that they can take care of your rainy days by listening to their music. I can attest, they are definitely positive and fun to listen to…and they certainly brighten my day! I generally like a wide array of genres, but my most important criteria is musicianship. Well, this band has that! Over the years these guys have learned to gel and play off each other and not over each other.

So, the story behind this latest release is this…the first rehearsal after their last album was released their lead singer quit. After many unsuccessful auditions Matt Specht or, “Jumpy Matt”, decided that it was time for the band to go into the studio to “keep the creative juices flowing.” Lo and behold he says “turns out that was my opportunity to audition for my own band!” Let me say, his voice is awesome and fits in so well with this band it was definitely a blessing in disguise!!

To the music! This grand EP starts out with “No Such Thing” which is perfect for pop/rock lovers everywhere. First impressions? This band is tight! I’m severely impressed with every member of the band. Let’s start with Matt – he plays guitars, piano and is the lead vocalist. I’m not sure how that will play out live but I love the combo! I know when they had a “lead singer” he would go back and forth between piano and guitar and all I have to say is good luck with that! LOL! This band is talented enough that I’m sure they will find a good mix of all the instruments and parts that need to be played in order to purvey their sound live.

We recently played the lyric video to the single “Heartbreak (Or How To Get Over It)” on Indie Music LIVE! 115. I just “can’t get over” how great this band is. Mike Wynn, Jr. (drums, vox) and
Derek Schattl (bass) have such deep groove pockets. That only comes with true musical knowledge and learning how to play with each other. To me, this teamwork is what truly makes the band amazing.

“You Think” sounds sort of like a Ben Folds type tune. Jumpy Matt is a really good piano player and shows that talent off in this one. Artistically the band hits the mark again. Between the intense hooks and the cut time halfway through, there is no shortage of energy for sure! Probably my favorite song on the EP however is “Bonfires.” Everyone in the band is spot on in this tune to make a well-produced almost “rock-opera” type song. I’m loving it!

In closing, I’m curious to see what you think about Rainy Day Crush. I encourage you to get in touch with them on social media and let them know what YOU think! Let them know you heard it first here on Indie Music Plus. As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support our brand and INDIE MUSIC!!

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