Red Calling – Featured Artist

Red Calling - Featured ArtistRed Calling is a hard rock band from Tampa, FL, that caught our collective eye recently. We recently had lead singer Jessica on Indie Music LIVE! and she told us all about Red Calling. They’ve been around for 10 years and released their last full length in 2016 but they have a new video and single out called “I Had It All.”

Red Calling – Featured Artist

Jessica started dated Javier Pons which led to them forming a band with his brother…and now ten years later here they are going strong. Jessica was actually pregnant during the interview! She says after ten years the band has a great relationship with everyone. In general Jessica and her husband Javier are the main songwriters of the band. Their latest single is a little heavier than they’re used to Jessica says in the interview, but I think it works! I haven’t heard much of their earlier stuff, but the sound on “I Had It All” is current and overall worthy of the horns!

Everyone has had to adjust during the pandemic but Jessica said due to her pregnancy it was sort of convenient for her since they had already planned on taking some time off. In general, she says, they have been working on writing and social media marketing during the pandemic. If you’re a fan you should probably be ready for some music from Red Calling when things lighten up a bit! Jessica says the best place to catch up with the band is their website, Facebook and Instagram. I’m definitely going to be paying attention to what happens next for Red Calling. Make sure to connect with them on social media and let them know that Indie Music Plus sent you!

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