Red Calling – I Had It All – Review

Red CallingA hard rock, slightly electronic metal quartet based in Tampa, FL, Red Calling has a collaborative sound and stadium-level volume that electrifies its audiences. The band features Jessica Pons on vocals, guitar, and keys; Javier Pons on lead guitar and synth; Deven Starr on drums; and Luis Pons on bass and synth. Since its first radio single “Let Me Fade” in 2013, Red Calling has released an EP and a full-length album, as well as two newer singles, including its latest track, “I Had It All,” released recently on April 24. Written by Javier Pons and recorded at Timeline Studio in Nashville, TN, Red Calling’s new single, “I Had It All,” is a thunderously demonic thrill ride.

Red Calling – I Had It All

Jolting the listener to attention with shock waves of shuttering synth timbres, an agitated guitar melody introduces itself at the beginning of the piece. A sudden, dramatic silence creeps in– and then an explosion of agitated bass and guitar lines is unveiled. Jessica has a shrieking alto voice that cuts cleanly over top the trudging, sheet metal sounding drums, resembling a female version of Jonathan Davis of Korn with her wiry vibrato shrieks and a hint of off-kilter melancholy in her melodies.

The song is filled with tight and dynamic stop times, ground-shaking drum crashes and juggernaut-powered guitar riffs. A head-banging instrumental breakdown is unleashed in the bridge before returning to the hook. Haunting whispers of synth harmonies and ghostly echoes of Jessica’s voice wash out across the mix amidst a sense of shaky desperation and regretful yearning in the lyrics and lead vocal delivery.

Red Calling maintains an electrifying energy throughout, growing in intensity with each reiteration of the hook, “This is my greatest fall, I had it all.” With its knack for explosive dynamic contrasts, the band digs up all the negative emotions, tears them to shreds, and then burns them to finish things off. The monstrous electronic metal vibes in Red Calling’s new single, “I Had It All,” are a great outlet for those trying to rid themselves of self-deprecation and stunted rage. If heavy metal were considered a medicine, then Red Calling would be the pharmacy to prescribe it to you.

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