Red-Stuy – Featured Artist


Red-Stuy is a hardworking rapper based in Brooklyn, NY. He got my attention on Twitter the right way by engaging with me without spamming me his links. I absolutely took notice to his raps right away and noticed they stand way above the rest in comparison to a lot of hip hop submissions I get.

Rapping since the age of 13, Stuy has been around the block so to speak. I didn’t catch his current age when I interviewed him, but I’m guessing he’s no “spring chicken”. I say this because we discussed a little bit of when he was rapping in the ’90’s. I grew up in the ’80s and really enjoy ’90’s Hip Hop so I think that’s why Red-Stuy’s vibe resonates with me. His ’90’s flavor is reminiscent of Wu-Tang, Red Man, Xzibit, etc.

Red-Stuy – Hold That

If you check his Soundcloud page you’ll notice that he puts out new tracks all the time. I like that in an artist. In fact, that’s how I would like to be as an artist. So, I respect his drive and know from experience that’s it’s not easy to keep it fresh all the time.

Red-Stuy is clearly working harder than other “rappers” online. Especially in the Twittersphere, the others should take some notes on how to handle themselves from him. I encourage you to take 10 mins out of your day and get to know Red-Stuy a little better by watching the video below.

I enjoyed hanging out with this hardcore MC for a few minutes, and look forward to helping promote him here on the Indie Music Plus website! As always thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!


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