Reise Music – Lake (Deluxe) – Review

Reise MusicReise, (pronounced rī-sə) is an artist that is influenced by New Wave, Synth Pop, Punk, Post-Punk and more. Man, I’m listening to this as I start the review and so many thoughts are flooding into my head. Reise’s music is exactly what I enjoy, although I do have some issues to discuss that could be holding it back. However, when I look into the core of what Reise is doing it’s beautiful. Where do I start?

Reise Music – Lake (Deluxe)

Ok, good news first. Let’s keep in mind that Reise writes, records and produces all of his own material. He developed the need and the desire to play and track all the instruments himself, which is an amazing feat in itself. His music oozes emotions and while listening to his music I feel like we’re all getting to know him on a personal level as well.

My initial thoughts as far as “what this sounds like” was a mix of Cocteau Twins, Smashing Pumpkins and Oasis. His guitar tones are strong and fill out almost every song with a chorus/delay sound that would make The Edge proud. Strings are also a huge component to the music itself and are prevalent in a good chunk of the songs…and are tastefully used I must add. You’re going to want to give this album a good once-over if you’re into stoner alt-rock. Here are my thoughts on a few tunes…

Starting with the title track “Lake”, Reise shows off his guitar tones. Let’s just say he knows how to set up a soundscape. Most of his tracks are comprised of warm guitars and bass with some simple drums and some sort of string and vocals. The music he makes is quite grand most of the time. I do however have some issues with some of his vocals on “Lake”. I do realize that with this genre of music the vocals don’t need to be “perfect” all the time, but I’m hearing some notes that are just too off for me to digest as artistic. It’s not all the time and the majority of the time I truly enjoy his vocals. But again I struggle with some note choices as well as the occasional delivery technique.

“Cannot Say” picks up the pace a bit. I like the more alternative poppy vibe this tune presents. Once again though there are some vocal pieces that are just a little off. “She Don’t Know” is another clear example of why I am mostly enjoying the music of Reise. Warm guitars, a clean bass sound that carries underneath a full string patch. Another thing that is quite obviously great about Reise’s music is his arrangements. They’re not cookie cutter verse-chorus-verse all the time. Including “She Don’t Know”, there are some great interludes and bridges thrown in just at the perfect times throughout the project that really keep things interesting and propel the music way above your average alt-rock. There are several tunes I could hear on rock radio if they were recorded with more of a budget behind them, and this is one of them for sure.

Throughout the album, I’m impressed with the self-production. Most every song has a consistent sound that helps them blend together as an album. Reise does a great job at playing all the instruments too. He doesn’t over play any of the instruments and is very good at making all the parts fit. “August Moon” is a great example as one of the best songs on this album. If you’ve ever read any of my reviews, I like to give constructive criticism as much as I give praise. I could keep going on but I am running up and over my word limit for this particular review, HA!

If you are into a surreal atmospheric alt-rock vibe, then Reise is going to be right up your alley. All in all, my only real constructive criticism is that he should maybe spend a little more time sculpting his vocals. I encourage you to connect with Reise online about his music and tell him we sent ya!

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