Reise – Thought You Should Know – Review

Reise - Thought You Should Know“Thought You Should Know” is a three-track EP from the artist Reise that sounds like a fond but longing message to a former friend. It’s some nice indie rock music that translates the feeling of being torn apart but also trying to move forward with life again. There is an overarching late 90’s vibe to this EP, similar to the era of popular rock bands like Bush and Soul Asylum, made with thoughtfulness and a little partying as well.

Reise – Thought You Should Know

The first track and namesake of the EP begins with a bright, strummy guitar that reverberates with a meditative chord progression. Sometimes the vocals are difficult to understand in this song due to the “alternative” prosody in the lyrics. For example, in the first verse we hear the lyrics sung as “FORget…REgrets,” when those words would normally be said in conversation with an emphasis on “forGET” and “reGRET.” Anyway, these lead vocals give a warm and loving melody backed by powerful vocal harmonies, with a great arrival point in the chorus and crystal clear instrumentation in the mix.

“Sitting in the Dark With Candles” begins with a slow and catchy guitar melody, in a bright timbre that resembles the intro to Rush’s “Closer to the Heart.” The lead vocals really shine in this song, building from a tenderly shaky and vulnerable verse to a strong and bold chorus, with the backing vocals echoing harmonic support. This is a great song to put on while you’re cruising in your car, offering transcendence as it grows from section to section. While the lyrics never actually quote the title, the music and lyrical dialogue makes the listener feel like they actually are Sitting in the Dark With Candles, longing for someone they love who may not love them back.

“The One Who Fills My Heart” is the happiest sounding tune on the EP, with yellow synth textures that seem to be missing in the other songs. An attention grabbing telephone effect grips the vocals in the chorus, while the lyrics in the chorus create a sense of resolution; however, the music in the chorus actually sounds like a pre-chorus, with chords that create more tension than resolve, as if leading to a big climax that never comes to fruition. The section at the end actually sounds like the arrival point of a chorus, and the upbeat drums and fun synth textures will leave you dancing and swaying.

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