Remotejazz – Back In The Groove – Review

Remotejazz - Back In The GrooveRobert Bryant is a smooth jazz artist from the East coast, and the man behind the band Remotejazz. We’ve had him as a featured artist in the past and he’s back with another single called “Back In The Groove.” Catch his past featured write up here and watch his interview on our weekly live stream Indie Music LIVE! here. Now, to the music!

Remotejazz – Back In The Groove

There was a time in my life when I listened to strictly smooth jazz…especially when I was driving. You know, to tame the road rage! Ok, so overall “Back In The Groove” has a chill vibe to it and it’s easy to listen to. If you need something to tame the rage, here you go. Add this to your playlist today. Now, as this tune is great for the background ambiance and to tame the beast, I don’t hear any melodies or “hooks” in it that I’m going to be singing for days. Smooth Jazz tunes with those super hooks are usually the ones that break on major radio, but neither is right or wrong with ambiance vs. hook.

Yes, the groove is cool here, the sound quality is standard (maybe a little too compressed on this one), and even the keyboard solos are pretty neat. I like that he breaks up the dynamic here and there, and there are also some cool sounds and production tricks weaved in which my engineer side enjoys. Harmonically it feels a touch monotonous and the bass line stays on the same note the entire tune. What can I say, I guess I prefer the “hook” tunes in this genre, and Robert has plenty of those in his catalog which I recommend you browse and add too.

I respect Robert Bryant on what he is doing overall with Remotejazz, so I hope and encourage you to take your own listen by clicking the play button above on the Soundcloud player. What do YOU think? Do you agree with me? Let me know!

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