Richard Lynch and Rhonda Vincent – Back In Love Again – Review

Richard Lynch and Rhonda VincentIt’s country music time here at Indie Music Plus! We recently received a submission to review “Back In Love Again” by Richard Lynch and Rhonda Vincent. So, slip on your boots and your hat and let’s get to it!

Richard Lynch and Rhonda Vincent – Back In Love Again

Both of these artists are far from spring chickens in the music industry. Both have had extensive careers and don’t show any sign of letting up. Rhonda Vincent has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards over the years and recently won in 2018 for Best Bluegrass Album! (congrats to Rhonda, she must be flying high right now!) Richard Lynch has also had his share of awards and plays literally hundreds of shows every year and has been doing so for quite some time.

They recently released a duet entitled “Back In Love Again” and I’d be surprised if it wasn’t really popular with fans of this genre. Now, country music is not my forte, however, I did grow up in the “country” of Indiana and enjoy a good boot kicker every once in a while.

One of the first things I noticed about this song is the quality which I’ve noticed tends to be common in this genre. The recording sounds great and is not lacking in any way. Rhonda and Richard’s vocals make the entire tune for me. This is professionalism at its best. This song sounds so familiar I’m starting to wonder if I’ve heard it before.

Richard’s voice is all country man. He is comparable to some of the best country singers in the business. Just enough twang to keep even the biggest country fan happy. And Rhonda’s voice, wow, don’t even get me started. It’s no wonder that The Wall Street Journal proclaimed Vincent “the new Queen of Bluegrass” and with good reason! Another one of my favorite things about this song is the awesome use of the lap steel. To me this is what makes Country music country.

Now, is this song crashing through boundaries in the country music industry? Well, I’d say no. However, the quality of the music and musicianship will not disappoint even the most rabid bluegrass or country music fan. In fact they’ll eat it up! Not only do these two sound great together, but the song itself is a masterpiece and it’s just waiting to be sung at your favorite Karaoke bar near you! I’m curious to know what YOU think of this song? Get in touch with us or Rhonda and Richard on social media and let them know what you think and that you found it here first on Indie Music Plus. As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music!

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