Rick Mercer – Featured Artist

Rick MercerWhen I first heard some Rick Mercer music I thought, wow this is good stuff. He’s not necessarily breaking new genre boundaries or writing Hot 100 hits, but his music is solid, catchy and fun to listen to. He knows how to wield the old Les Paul too! If you’re into retro-style blues rock via Stevie Ray Vaughn and the Rolling Stones, then you definitely want to keep reading and check out Rick Mercer.

Based in Canada and a construction worker by day, Rick has a musical vision. He says he would love to have a band with a different lead singer some day so he could focus on the guitar work. He openly states, “I’m not a frontman” which exposes his mature ego-free character. This is a valuable trait in forming a successful band, and Rick seems like a nice down to earth fella. Another thing that sets him apart from other indie musicians is that he is striving for quality as a top priority.

Rick Mercer

He says that he doesn’t want to put out low quality demos. He doesn’t think it makes sense to shop lesser quality recordings in hopes of scoring big. Rather, he prefers to take his time when writing and recording with his producer partner. I agree with him, put your best foot first into the music industry or you may get swept away, quickly.

When picking this week’s highlight, Rick stood out to me as a featured artist based mainly on one song, “Louisiana Cajun Girls Rock.”

Of course, his other tunes are cool too, but this one has something special. It makes me smile every time I listen to it. Rick seems like an all around cool dude┬áthat I could see myself hanging out with. We would toss a few back while talking cars and rock ‘n roll. Are you into this sort of thing? Then check out the music of Rick Mercer! Check out my favorite tune of Rick’s above, and please share and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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