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Ridley VictoriaWelcome to the very first artist feature or 2016!! I was lucky enough to stumble across Ridley Victoria on a Periscope. I knew right away she was perfect for the first feature of the year. Not only can she sing but she has a unique sound and has the brains to back it up.

You may feel the temptation to call her music rap, but think twice. If you must label it, yes it’s hip hop music with spoken word over top…but it’s intelligent, well spoken, and poetic. She curses and talks about sex, but in a classy way that is unique to her own experiences. The music is top notch as well. This girl knows what her sound is and how to make it work for her.

Ridley Victoria

Singing since the age of 4, Ridley Victoria has also grown into a poet, a real poet. At the young age of only 21 she is taking the world of music by storm. To the musically uneducated ear her music can sound like “rap,” but if the listener tunes into what she’s actually saying and how she’s saying it the music is even more enjoyable.

Ridley VictoriaWhen I interviewed Ridley I found out she doesn’t want to limit herself to a record deal in the traditional sense but wants to explore an organic career that allows her to do what she wants as an artist. She also feels the same way about working with producers. She isn’t opposed to using free beats to express herself at any given time however she does know how to network which helps her work with a variety of producers around the Chicago area. In fact, when I first met her on Periscope she was at SWSX networking in Austin, TX at the huge annual music event.

In my opinion Ridley Victoria is going to be a long term artist to watch. The genuine person she presents in her music is far more unique than any other artist in her genre. Please, grab her new single “House In The Tree” where you download music and support this amazing first featured artist of the year, Ridley Victoria!

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