Ridley Victoria – Slow Down – Review

Ridley Victoria - Slow DownI met Ridley Victoria on Periscope almost 2 years ago now and let me say, it has been fun to watch her grow in such a short amount of time. Uber driver by day and singer/songstress extraordinaire by night, Ridley is no stranger to hard work. In fact, it seems like she is releasing new music all the time. Single after single after single…I hear there is a video in the works now too.

Ridley Victoria – Slow Down

Speaking of new singles…let’s talk about her track “Slow Down” which is produced by Eddie J. Ridley seems to have her mind and strategy about her career made up, but she’s always evolving. One of my favorite things about Ridley is that she draws from so many different influences. It’s great to hear RnB singers carving out a niche all their own. You may be able to hear her influences but one can never say that she is a carbon copy of any other artist. Ridley is truly an original.

Her new track “Slow Down” is just another notch in her musical bedpost if you will. Ridley’s songs have immense depth and this one is no exception. She’s not singing about typical topics, and her delivery is a mix of poetic style and singing mixed together. Amazing harmonies come out of nowhere and then sink right back into the sonic soundscape throughout the entire tune. Autotune is present but as Ridley and I have discussed in the past, the way she used it is exactly how it works best for her voice. It’s audible but used to enhance the vocal and not to totally take it over. Many of you know that I’m not a huge fan of autotune but I love hearing it on Ridley’s voice. It’s such a compliment! Another thing is that she can actually sing and doesn’t require autotune to hold her vocals up and it’s quite apparent.

Ridley Victoria is currently based in Chicago, IL, and doing spot dates that keep getting bigger and better. You can also catch her on our weekly livestream show Indie Music LIVE! here and there. Check our Facebook page for dates. Don’t just take my word about how amazing Ridley is, see and listen for yourself. Connect with her on social media and tell her Indie Music Plus sent you!

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