Robert “The Eclectic Music Man” Watson – Review

Robert WatsonRobert Watson is known as “The Eclectic Music Man.” He has been an artist for over 10 years as a multi-instrumentalist with one of his main influences being Jimi Hendrix. His sound is a fusion of funk, rock, jazz and blues. Surprisingly, he has only gigged out locally a few times over the years he has been writing. Robert has recently released Future Of The World and I’m going to go over a few tunes.

Robert Watson – The Eclectic Music Man

First off, Robert is a talented dude. A self-proclaimed “hippie at heart” he is definitely finding his groove within the scene. He says,“I believe in positive thinking. Negative energy is a waste of time. Life is too short. You have to live your life like it’s golden. I am a hippie at heart. Music is how I breathe and speak. Music is love. Music is me.” Sounds pretty good if you ask me!

“Cosmic Energy Is In Full Effect” well, is in full effect…sort of. I really like the energy and the overall essence of the tune. It’s groovy, vocal-less and has quite a few musical ideas throughout that are easy to grab on to and dance to, if you’re into that. I have a few issues with the mix and such, but all in all I like this one. So, since I’m giving a review…the mix does leave a bit to be desired. I understand we’re all indie and we’re all working on the best quality equipment we can to produce the highest quality product. I must say though, the drum mix in particular is piercing and not always in the pocket. At first, I was even wondering if the drums were loops…after listening some more I don’t think so. Anyway, all in all I enjoy the song. Moving on…

Before I explain let me state: I get where Robert is coming from and he has some great musical ideas. However, I think they could use some incubation time before being released into the wild. The tune “Mother Earth Is Crying Out To Us” is a great example. Is it groovy? Yes! Is it musical? Yes! Are some of the instruments out of tune? Unfortunately, yes. Well, mainly the organ and guitar are out of tune with each other on this one. Again, this guy is really talented and I hate to nitpick, but this IS a critique and that’s how we roll here. It seems like if just needed a little more time spent on the analysis of the song in the studio, then the issues would be noticed? Again, I’m not trying to nitpick but I may have a different opinion of the tune if everything was better in tune.

True statement: THE WORLD IS GOING CRAZY! And, it’s also the name of the next tune. Between the three songs I am reviewing, “Cosmic” and this one are my favs. One of the things I really like about Robert’s music is he doesn’t overkill it. He gets his points across and then re-iterates a bit, and then lets them be. Does that make sense? Many “jam” artists with instrumentals will wail and wail for way too long, and at the end you’re left thinking…really? Robert’s music has substance and with more budget, time and effort he will rival any professional indie artist out there.

If you’re looking for music to put in the background at your party then Robert Watson should definitely be a consideration. His music is funky and fun to listen to and he has many more songs than the ones in this review. I encourage you to listen to all of Robert’s music and form your own opinion. I’m excited to hear what he releases next and I look forward to watching him grow as an artist. After you listen to his music get in touch with him and let him know what YOU think!

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