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Royal RuckusRoyal Ruckus, ok, the name piqued my interest. I was super surprised and super pissed at the same time when I found out the group has been around for 19 years! I’m surprised because I’ve never heard of them until recently and pissed because I’VE NEVER HEARD OF THEM UNTIL RECENTLY! We had a chance to sit down with founding member Jamey Bennett on Indie Music LIVE! and he filled us in on what the group is up to.

Royal Ruckus – The Summer Of The Cicadas

Jamey states the group has been together for 19 years, but also says they haven’t really taken it seriously that entire time. They’ve released some projects here and there but┬áhave recently gotten behind their latest project The Summer Of The Cicadas.

These days it’s hard to keep relationships going for longer than a few months, and the fact that Royal Ruckus has been a group for so long is a testament to their commitment and determination. Jamey admits that when they formed, not everyone in the group was heavy into hip-hop. This hasn’t stopped them though from making some of the best alternative/indie rap out there.

During the show, which you can watch below, we took a listen to the single “The Waitress Song” they recently released. Jamey explained the song is about how a guy falls in love with his waitress over the course of a night. I love the concept and the song! Go ahead and watch the video below to find out more about Royal Ruckus from the “horse’s mouth” of founding member Jamey Bennett…


We had the pleasure of having Jamey on our Indie Musician’s Roundtable recently and got to know him a little bit better. He did his research and was awesome, a very thoughtful critic. Dave and I are hoping he will become a regular on our roundtables and within the Indie Music community. So go on now, support Royal Ruckus like crazy and as always SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!

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