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Ruth AcuffRuth Acuff is a harpist from Columbia, MO. You may ask, a harpist? Yes, a harpist. Remember, we promote all genres of indie music! We’re totally stoked to have Ruth as our featured artist this week!

We shared some of Ruth’s “other side” on a recent broadcast with her singing lead for her band The Royal Furs. I became friends with her on Facebook and one day received an invite to her fanpage and listened to her single “We Do.” I almost instantly messaged her. It was such a departure from what I had heard her doing earlier and I was instantly interested!

Ruth Acuff – Americana Roots

She was gracious enough to come and hangout with us on our Facebook Live Broadcast – Ep. 38. She told us about how she is about to embark on a 2 month 19 state “house tour.” I didn’t really grasp what she meant until she explained the tour is 98% hosted at private residences. She said it has been in the works for almost a year and she’s excited to get on the road.

Watch her live interview below!

Ruth’s music is unique and deserves to be heard. As David Werba made a joke in the broadcast…harpists are not common. As he states, “it’s a commitment” to be a harpist. Ruth says her harp is 6ft tall and not exactly the easiest thing to transport. This being said, she fell in love with the harp only a short 6 years ago. It’s been her love ever since.

She admits, the first harp she fell in love with was actually a toy harp. But hey, you live, you learn. That didn’t stop her from getting serious about the instrument. Her new single “We Do” showcases not only her grassroots approach to harp but also her voice! Listening to her single is exciting because you don’t normally hear a harpist playing over indie roots rock.

Check out the video for “We Do” below. Reach out and support Ruth Acuff and remember, SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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