S.O.S – Bloodline – Review

S.O.SOk, so the name is misleading. S.O.S may sound like an old and out of touch jam band that gigs in Alabama once a year and has a following of about 20 people. BUT THIS IS NOT WHAT THE REVIEW IS ABOUT! The young lady of the real S.O.S is Sophie and she’s from the UK. She is amazing and a self-described Anglo-Maltese singer, songwriter, producer and busker.

S.O.S – Bloodline

Sophie makes me excited about music. This 23-year-old singer-songstress from the “Great Commonwealth of Nations” is set to take over the world. Sophie has had a life filled with musical ambitions and was awarded a scholarship at The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) in London. This enabled her to study and graduate with a first-class BA (Hows) in Songwriting. She’s also the head of the production team on all of her releases creating a combination of edgy electronic tracks, warm vocals and intense lyrics drawing influence from the likes of Alessia Cara, NAO, Halsey and Lorde. Let’s just say she’s qualified!

My initial impressions of Sophie was that she was skilled but it was hard to tell underneath all the elements of the production. So, I went to her website and discovered a serious multi-talented human! She can play guitar and sing AND write songs. One day, musicians like her will be dinosaurs. I’m happy to have run across her in present-day form!!

The reason for this review is the song “Bloodline” which I enjoy very much. I appreciate greatly the fact that Sophie is the head of the production. This girl has some serious talent and if she stays on path she’ll be an infinite influence over future pop. The production is really good overall, but some of the drums do get washed out it seems…almost as if there are too many sounds at once if that makes sense. I could really use a harder and more crisp snare sound that really pops, but all I get is a wash of reverb and delay…just my constructive two cents!

I’m so excited to have run across Sophie and can’t wait for her new music. Let S.O.S. know how YOU feel about her music! As always thank you for reading and SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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