Saffron Hearts – Right Here – Review

Saffron HeartsSaffron Hearts. Wow. I’ve never heard of them before, but I’ll never forget them now that I’ve been introduced. That’s for sure! We haven’t had much Reggae music on the site so it’s only fitting that we start things off with some kick-ass soulful reggae. The band’s new single “Right Here” will surely do for now.

Saffron Hearts – Right Here

When I first started listening to the single “Right Here” and saw it was labeled “Reggae”, I wasn’t quite sure what to think. This genre and I have a love-hate relationship. I appreciate and respect it for what it is, but it kind of fits into the same category of “blues” for me – I can appreciate and respect it but it’s not always first on my playlist. This band is special though as their music is so much more than just Reggae. It’s has a Soul/RnB undertone that can’t be ignored and that’s what I think I like about it. If you think the band is good and you’re interested, then here’s the kicker…they’re from Russia.

I’ve never heard music like this come out of Russia before. I didn’t even know that Reggae was even remotely accepted and listened to there. What do I know tho? I’m just a stoopid American! I am so in love with “Right Here” I started scouring the internet trying to find more info and I’m sad to say there’s not a ton available. In fact, I had to go look at my records to see what their billing address was…Moscow! Wow! So back to the music…

Fans of Reggae, Soul, RnB and even general pop music are going to love the single “Right Here”, and overall the music of Saffron Hearts. The sound is an attractive good vibe which is quite awesome because that’s what the band wants to spread…good vibes, harmony and joy. I picked up on that right away. The last and best part (to me) about the single is not only is it catchy, groovy, etc, but the sonic quality of the recording is second to none as well! What stood out to me the most is the unbelievably smooth sound of the bass. Of course, the other musical performances are killer as well. So, if you can’t tell by all the raving I’m doing, I highly recommend this band!

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