Samuel Archer – The Hybrid Executive – Featured Artist

Samuel Archer - The Hybrid ExecutiveSam Archer is a guy that has been on the show before…quite a while ago actually. He appeared on one of our very early Indie Music LIVE! episodes a few years back alongside our featured artist at the time, Nadira Norjahan. In fact, they still work together to this day. But, that’s not why I’m writing this. I’m writing this to feature Sam and his new book “The Hybrid Executive.” Even though we are featuring Sam for his book, he is a stellar musician/songwriter/producer as well so he fits the mold perfectly!

Samuel Archer – The Hybrid Executive

So, Sam recently came out with a book for musicians to help them become more savvy and well rounded. We also checked out a tune by Sam called “Toom Ting.” Sam says he has been producing since the ’90s and he’s rubbed elbows with some higher echelon type people in the industry while working with Nadira Norjahan (who we all know well). Over the past few decades, he was also perodically writing the book. He says it went thru around 8 edits over years.

Sam says he developed the book over time as he started counseling and “consulting” artists before it was really a thing. His point in the book is learning how to balance everything the artist has to do themselves. As we all know musicians and artists aren’t necessarily always in tune with the business side of the music world. So, hopefully this book will help. I encourage you to check out Sam Archer and “The Hybrid Executive.” Also, make sure to check out other artists he has worked with in the past to see the progression!

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