Sarah Maxwell – Featured Artist

Sarah MaxwellSarah Maxwell is an artist from down under. And yes, I mean it literally, she’s an Aussie living in Sydney. She’s not only a musician but she’s also a dancer, videographer, artist and producer! There’s nothing else special about this featured artist other than she is probably one of my FAVORITE FEATURED ARTISTs since we added the category here at IMP a couple years back….just sayin’.

Sarah Maxwell – Featured Artist

Even though Sarah Maxwell is from the bottom of the world, it doesn’t mean she can’t be top of the music world. Bad comparison, I know. Seriously though, this chick is amazzzzzing. She’s a video producer and songwriter which means that her videos are awesome, but guess what? So is her music! She raps, which I didn’t expect, and she is actually extremely creative and sharp with her lyrics! Sarah has really grabbed my attention. My only problem is she only has a few tunes out in general. After we talked to her on Indie Music LIVE! I got the impression that she’s split between several lives, a videographer and a musician and an artist.

Having multiple angles, talents, visions or whatever you wanna call it is really cool, but I feel like if Sarah focused a little more on one or two things she may find some traction. Of course, I’m hoping she focuses on her music because she is so great at creating it! As I tell my piano students (not necessarily word for word), “I don’t blow smoke up your ass. I mean what I say.” LOL!

We played her video “Flawed” on the #IndieMusicLIVE! that she was featured in, but I must say she has 4 other amazing videos on her Youtube channel that you really need to check out. I consider Sarah a triple threat: Songwriter, artist and videographer. In all my years of being a musician and even a music listener, I haven’t seen anything quite like her. I hope she takes over the world and then I can take some credit for help discovering her! 😛 😛

I’m curious to know what YOU think about Sarah’s music. Get in touch on social media and let me know! Also, get in touch with Sarah Maxwell and let her know that you heard her music here first on Indie Music Plus! As always, thank you for reading and continuing to support indie music of all genres!

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