Sean McAleavy – Guitarded – Review

Sean McAleavy

Sean McAleavy is a songwriter and guitarist from Catalina Island, which is 26 miles off the coast of California just south of Los Angeles.┬áHe writes and plays all the instruments on his songs, and he also does the vocals. Let’s dig in, and let me say right away…Someone sign this guy!

Sean’s new release Guitarded has caught my ear and I think he has some major potential. Sound quality on the recordings doesn’t necessarily match up to standards these days, but that is easily fixed. This could be on purpose or a product of not having top notch gear. In fact it doesn’t hurt his sound at all. I know what it’s like to do EVERYTHING on a project and it can be daunting. Despite the recording quality not being tops all the time, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t do an amazing job at writing songs and getting his ideas across to the listener. In fact, while listening and gathering my thoughts on this record my wife interjected, “Who is this? I like it!”.

Sean’s songs are timeless classics. That’s easy to hear straight off. His songwriting rivals some of the best Indie artists out there. Let me tell you about a few songs that stood out to me, and you can hit the Soundcloud player to listen along…

“The Color Of Your Skin” is fast becoming one the songs I can’t get out of my head. Its classic rock feel will appeal to fans of ’60s and ’70s rock. Well written and catchy as all hell, Sean has nailed it with this one. Now, is it perfect? No, I could point out some areas I think could use some improving, but I don’t think it’s necessary as the overall sound and feel of the song is spot on. It’s the perfect summer anthem. As long as you’re not stuporstitious, then slap that meat on the grill, open up a beer, and listen to some Sean McAleavy.

“So Useless” is another standout to me. Sean uses some interesting production and instrumentation in this tune. When I listen to Sean’s music, I have to remind myself that this is new music! It sounds so classic, and it’s hard to remember that sometimes! “She Cries” sets a different tone than other tunes on this playlist. It’s almost a Country song but it’s obviously still Sean. I think I hear a Ukelele in there somewhere and it blends great with the acoustic guitars. Sean is great at mixing but it feels like there is some low oomph missing. He presents a well produced and wide sound, but it seems a little thin at times despite the intense instrumentation.

Sean McAleavy – Guitarded

I think Sean used almost every instrument known to man to make the recordings on “Just Songs”. Throughout the playlist I heard strings, timpanis, guitars, bass, piano, banjo, ukelele, harmonica, synth…and others that pleasantly surprised me. Going back to fattening up Sean’s sound, the biggest thing I hear that could be easily fixed is the drum mix. Bass lows could also be punchier and the mixes seem a little on the tinny side, meaning a little too much high end. Songs should be bright but should not make the listener wince. I have to admit I winced a few times.

Overall Sean McAleavy is an exciting and creative new artist to grace the pages of our website. I hope you will support him by listening to and sharing his songs all over the web. What do you think of Sean McAleavy? Tweet us using the hashtag #IndieMusicLIVE. Thank you for reading and as always, SUPPORT INDIE MUSIC!!

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